Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from the Dead!

The Skullz Press began in 2000.  For four years, the Press produced numerous zines, posters, and other printed goods.  In 2004, the Press was officially closed to pursue other projects.

Now, after a five year hiatus, The Skullz Press is back with a new home at 260 Divisadero Street in lovely San Francisco, California.  

I signed the lease on the space on June 15th.  This is what it looked like when my intern Mark and I began cleaning it out on the 19th.

I put some old sketches in the front window to block the view while we fixed up the inside.

On the 26th, Mark and Megan helped me get the first coats of white on the walls.

I got my back into the action too.

On the 29th, my buddy Ethan came by and put up a temporary display wall for me.  The same afternoon my homie Francisco put up another display wall and a desk for me in the back.

By July 2nd, everything was ready to go for the private opening for personal friends and associates.  The final touch was the stereo, which my buddy Tony and I couldn't get to work.  Oh well.  Back to that later.

It was a lot of work, but Mark and I were stoked to have friends over to see what we've been up to.

My homie Ramon came through from Santa Cruz.

The ever-popular Rodriguez brothers came down.

As did my old friend Andres, formerly of White Walls Gallery.

Kelly and Ferris were there too.  Kelly looks ready to burst!

Lots of other old friends and fans came out, but the photos didn't come out so good.  Stupid cameras.  In any case, I have to send out a huge thanks to everyone who made the opening weekend such a success.

The Skullz Press is open every Saturday from 11am to 7pm, unless otherwise noted here.  Every first Friday of the month, I will hold an opening to debut new original artworks and limited edition printed goods.  Check here for the latest offerings. 


-Mike Giant