Monday, August 31, 2009

Studio Visitor: Sean

Sean came by recently to buy the "Death Machine and Life Machines" wooden panel.  He was shooting flics with a cool old Polaroid camera.  Love that shit...

Studio Visitor: The Convict

I see this guy outside the Press almost every day cleaning up the sidewalk and collecting recyclables.  He's an old Hells Angel that did time in Folsom.  We got to talking about tattoos the other day and he let me snap these shots of his arms.

He swears that he didn't pay more than $10 for all of them.

I love old tattoos like these.  It shows what kind of detail will be left after a lifetime of abuse.

Susan...  she must have been pretty sweet.

Acquisitions: Juan Puente Shader

I got myself a new shader from Juan Puente.  I works SO good.

But still, should I switch to a rotary?  I sure like how quiet and punchy rotaries are...

Studio Visitor: Alberto

My assistant Francisco brought his friend Alberto by the Press recently.

We went for a bike ride and I showed them where to enter the west end of the Dubose Tunnel for some potential graffiti action.

Then we rolled to GG Park for some toking before a short ride around the 'hood.

Living the good life in NorCal...

Friday, August 28, 2009


I turn 38 this Sunday!  I'm stoked I've survived this long.  Please join me for some celebratory drinks at "The Page" from 10pm-2am.  It's at Page and Divisadero, just down the street from The Skullz Press.  Word up!

NeighborhoodSF Show

“San Francisco is one of the most diverse cities in the world. It’s neighborhoods are legendary and it’s residents iconic. NeighborhoodSF brings a visual life to these places, people and things that create our environment. With over 40 original paintings, illustrations and installations, the artists have created a body of work that is worthy of this great place.”

I hope to see you at the opening of the show this Thursday September 3rd at 111 Minna Gallery right here in San Francisco. I’ll be showing some new drawings and releasing some new posters.

Other artists include: Akira and Helen, Brett Amory, Adam 5100, Eric Bailey, Brian Barneclo, Wesley Burt, Coro, Nate Van Dyke, Jeremy Fish, Adam Flores, Matt Furie, Colin Hill, Jay Howell, David Imlay, Sylvia Ji, Micah Lebrun, David Choong Lee, Ryan Malley, MARS-1, Ferris Plock, Romanowski, and Lee Harvey Roswell.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Studio Visitors: Paul, Brooke, and Paige

This is Paul.  He's one of my biggest fans.  He spent a lot of time looking at my wall of inspiration.  Guess I would too if I was his age.

Check out his Sharpie skateboard!  Sick.

These are his sisters, Brooke and Paige.  It was Brooke's 7th Birthday.  Word!

Hope your cool dad brings you by again sometime soon...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jack Rudy!

I bought this Jack Rudy drawing at The Shooting Gallery recently.  So sick!  Worth every penny.

First Thursday of August

Every First Thursday of the month I open the doors of the studio to friends so they can see my new drawings and enjoy free beer and a cool crowd.

This is my new assistant Francisco.  He's already doing a great job.  Big props.

The San Jose squad are already regulars at my openings.

Mr. Groshong and The Droobs rolled through.

And Joshy and Red were feelin' the good vibes too....

Art Fuel

People are always giving this stuff to me, which is great.  This one was sweet!  Thanks!

Studio Visitor: Eric

My buddy Eric was in town recently and stopped by the Press.  Turns out he's an old skateboard head too.  Word!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Thursday and Friday!

It's that time again!  Party time!  That means free beer, loud music and cool folks here at The Skullz Press.  

I'm offering a special opening for the tight homies this Thursday August 6th from 6-9pm.  You VIPs know who you are.

The public opening is this Friday night!  Same time and place.

I'll be debuting 7 new drawings, including this one...

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mike Davis vs Mike Giant Poster

I just got 90 of these posters from Mike Davis.  I started this one in 2006.  I handed it back and forth to Mike a few times and I think we got the final drawing done sometime in 2007.  Then I had them printed in Albuquerque and signed them.  Then shipped them to Mike so he could add his signature to them.  And I didn't get them back until last week.  Crazy.  These have been chillin' for 3 years!

And now they're only available here at The Skullz Press.  They're $60.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Thanks for the t-shirt and the other stuff, Evoker!

Wall of Inspiration

Every time I set up a new studio space, I tape up inspirational material on the walls around my desk.  Many of the images have been saved from previous studios for over a decade.  Some are recent additions.  A photo of my friend Dash is in this first photo.  He's the fellow with the long hair and big beard.  He died recently, just a week or so after I added his photo to my wall.  He will be missed...

I caught that upskirt photo on my first trip to Tokyo in '94.  It's been on the walls of various studios since.

Check out that OG space monkey!

I see Barbi Benton.

That Terry Richardson photo of the kid with his hand in dude's mouth is one of my favorite photos ever.

This photo was taken about 110 years ago in Florida.  It's a powerful image to me because on the one hand it represents the new freedom bicycles provided regular Americans;  and on the other hand a young black man is visible behind the group of white cyclists, a reminder that slavery had been abolished for only about 30 years by that time.  But the 'separate but equal' Jim Crow laws lasted until 1954, only 55 years ago.

And in the last 55 years, we've come a long way in ending racism.  I think electing Barack Obama as our president is certainly a step in the right direction, and a hopeful vision for a truly integrated future.

Studio Visitor: Gabe

My homie Riel is a regular studio visitor.  Check out this dope tattoo on his knee!

"Manifestations" now available

I now have signed copies of my first book, Manifestations, available for $30.

Studio Visitors: Mario and Ben

Two old friends came by last week.  On the left, my man Mario from Chicago.  We've been friends through graffiti circles since '91.  On the right, my homie Ben from Burque who currently lives outside Philly.  I finished a big tattoo in his head while he was here.  I seriously think it's the most gangster tattoo I've ever made.  Ill!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Art Party!

Mark is back in Denmark now.  But before he left he knocked out a bunch of cool paintings and we had a great little party.  Here's some flics...