Monday, November 30, 2009

Upcoming Events

Please join me Tuesday from 7-11pm for the release of the "Rollin High" dice game at The Medicine Agency, 1262 Mason at Jackson.  We'll have hella booze and buds, and a photo booth for the stylish mofos.

Then stop by The Skullz Press this Thursday evening for the Divisadero Corridor Art Walk, or come by Friday from 6-9pm for the opening of my show with Mike Kershnar.  Good times!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Cyclists of San Francisco" Photo Shoot #1

I got a posse together last night to shoot the first four girls in a new photo/illustration series that for now I'm calling "Cyclists of San Francisco".  The finished pieces will debut at a solo show in Milan, Italy in February.

The evening started with a beer run, as most shoots do.  I had to do this beer run twice!  That's hella beers, dude.

I photographed Zey first...

Then Karina...

Then Katy...

And finally Becca!

This was a real team effort.  I gotta thank the models for bearing with the cold and all the beer swilling on-lookers.  Thanks to Sean at The Medicine Agency for supplying the location and photographic assistance.  Thanks to Gabby, Glenn and Alma for taking care of all the hair and makeup.  Thanks to Aisha for styling the whole shoot.  Thanks to Francisco for all your assistance and for taking these photos.  Thanks to Andrew, Jason, Rob, Colin, Lincoln, Jason Yim and the other guys who's names I've already forgotten who brought their bikes in for the shoot.  Y'all really came through at the last minute.

The next shoot is planned for Tuesday Dec 8th.  Please email me if you have a sweet bike I can use for the next shoot.  I mostly looking for nice track bikes in smaller sizes.  And I'm always looking for new models...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Rollin' High" Dice Game Release Party!

Please join me Tuesday December 1st from 7-10pm for the release of the "Rollin' High" dice game at The Medicine Agency, 1262 Mason at Jackson.  I illustrated the label artwork for the game.  It's cool.  For real.  We'll have lots of free booze for y'all.  We'll also have an SFSS photo booth set up to capture the fresh fashions on the night.  Hope to see you there!

SFSS: Some dudes

Bigmoon, 31, Seoul

Lincoln, 37, SF

Henry, 34, Helsinki


The Divisadero Street redevelopment continues.  The city is taking out 35 trees along the Divisadero Corridor and replacing them with 250 trees in new locations along the street.  It's gonna look amazing in the Spring...

Friday, November 20, 2009

SFSS: Avery

Avery, "Timeless", from LA

Avery used to run The Skullz Press.  
Now she lives in LA where she works on rad stuff.
Avery rules.  Love those shoes!

Acquisitions: My Old Paint Collection

Some "Blasts from the Past" from my personal collection...

New Road!

Divisadero just got better!  New blacktop!  Smooth sailing...

Studio Visitors: Mike Davis

Mike Davis stopped by the other day.  He was in town visiting from upstate New York.  Thanks for stopping by, Mike.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Skullz Press Project: SFSS

Welcome to San Francisco Street Style.  I believe San Francisco is the most stylish and sexy city in the world and SFSS is here to prove it!  Our hunters are on the Frisco streets looking for you right now.  The Skullz Press is currently editing a printed edition of SFSS to be released in the winter of 2010.  Many of the posts on this SFSS blog will be featured in the printed edition.

So let's set this off with a few of the fine young women that stopped by the last opening here at The Skullz Press on November 6th.  

Allie, 23, SF

Kristina, 22, ESSJ

Laurakim, 22, SF

Buffy, 37, SF

Chelsea, 23, SF

Nice shoes, Chelsea.

We will be announcing special SFSS events over the coming months, so please bookmark us and come back often.  Thank you.

-Mike Giant and the Skullz Press staff

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grand Opening of Gallery Heist!

Please join me this Saturday night, Nov 14, for a special group show at the brand new Gallery Heist.  It's at 679 Geary at Leavenworth here in San Francisco.  7-11pm!  Be there!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Las Cholas de Frisco: Now Available

"Karina Two" - 16x24" - Sharpie on matte photographic paper - SOLD

"Karina One" - 16x24" - Sharpie on matte photographic paper - $500

"Aisha One" - 16x24" - Sharpie on matte photographic paper - SOLD

I will ship these UPS ground anywhere in the US.  No int'l.  Payment accepted via paypal.  Please email me for more information.

Studio Visitors: Sarah and Justin

On Oct 28th, I had two Australian visitors in the same day!  Justin Lynch came by.  

So did Sarah Lester.
She's traveling around taking portraits of artists.  Good times!  Thanks for the flics!

Mike Kershnar Studio Visit

I went out to Berkeley to visit Mike Kershnar on Oct 27th.  He's got a chill spot.  I really liked it.  Tons of rad art everywhere.  And great books.  I love books.  

We'll be working on some stuff together soon...