Thursday, November 19, 2009

Skullz Press Project: SFSS

Welcome to San Francisco Street Style.  I believe San Francisco is the most stylish and sexy city in the world and SFSS is here to prove it!  Our hunters are on the Frisco streets looking for you right now.  The Skullz Press is currently editing a printed edition of SFSS to be released in the winter of 2010.  Many of the posts on this SFSS blog will be featured in the printed edition.

So let's set this off with a few of the fine young women that stopped by the last opening here at The Skullz Press on November 6th.  

Allie, 23, SF

Kristina, 22, ESSJ

Laurakim, 22, SF

Buffy, 37, SF

Chelsea, 23, SF

Nice shoes, Chelsea.

We will be announcing special SFSS events over the coming months, so please bookmark us and come back often.  Thank you.

-Mike Giant and the Skullz Press staff